How are items cleaned and prepared?

Each of our items are curated and handpicked. We do our best to ensure items are in good condition and free of any blemishes, age spots or stains that would affect its outward appeal by steam cleaning and spot cleaning. Please keep in mind that items are vintage, and in order for them to retain their authentic nature, we prefer to send them as-is while choosing to honor the delicate nature of  each piece. If you notice an item not in the condition described, please send us email us via our contact form.

Where does Cool. Retro. Urban. find items?

We find items from all over the place--literally! Not all items are thrifted or from consignment shops. Some come from estate sales, are gifted to us, or from the owner's personal collection that spans over a decade. We have been fortunate enough to source amazing items from all over around the world.