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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Vintage

Top 5 Reasons To Invest in Vintage

What comes to mind when you think of vintage clothing? Maybe it's thrift stores. Maybe it's famous fashion icons from more than two decades ago. (S/o to Claire Huxtable and Sandra Clark) Maybe its mothballs. Whatever you think about vintage is fair, but we've come up with a few reasons why everyone should invest in at least one article of vintage clothing. Check em' out!

The quality is awesome.


Have you ever wondered how vintage clothing has endured to become...well, vintage? It's all in the quality, kid. Vintage clothing is typically extremely well made and lasts decades upon decades. Basically, that's how it lasts

That's why a fly knitted sweater from 1982 with tons of wear doesn't look like a complete rat's nest in 2020. It's why a leather purse that once held cigarettes, church programs and butterscotch during the Civil Rights Movement still looks unscathed 50 years later. Investing in vintage often means investing in quality.

The clothes tell a story.

When we are out sourcing and searching for items, we love to think about what type of person may have chosen to wear such an outrageous or classic piece of clothing. Some years ago, we found an amazing leather motorcycle jacket; we are talking ABSOLUTELY 80's grunge-fest! When inspecting the pockets to ensure they were empty and ready for listing on the website, we found an unopened pack of ear plugs and a faded concert ticket stub. It was the most awesome thing ever because the jacket likely belonged to someone on their way to rock it out! What story will your clothes tell years from now? 

Vintage clothing is rare.

Vintage lovers have one primary thing in common. They like to be unique and stand out. Vintage pieces in your wardrobe mean that you prefer to enjoy clothes that are no longer mass-produced and simply aren't available at your average store or boutique. Nothing beats getting a compliment and responding with, "Thanks, it's vintage!"(AKA You can't find it so don't try!) And hey, let's face it, some of us like to be exclusive with our ish. 

Upcycling is ecologically responsible.

One of the biggest threats to our natural environment is textile waste. Think about it. If you throw an article of clothing away, or simply dump it out in nature, it doesn't really break down unless it was made from biodegradable material. It will likely have dyes and other chemicals that could potentially harm the environment and the habitat around it. Vintage is more than wearing old hand-me-downs; it's a lifestyle for the unique, creative and responsibly fashionable. What better way to save our planet than to do it in style by upcycling? Clothes are constantly being manufactured and we have more textile waste than we can reasonably contain. Let's keep it cute AND conscious. 

Vintage induces nostalgic vibes.

We can't tell you how many times we have found a vintage piece and squealed because it reminded us of a time, place or person. Perhaps a funky color block blazer made you think of Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell. Maybe a dope knitted sweater made you think of Heathcliff Huxtable. It could be as simple as remembering that your mom had a floor length leather coat just like the one on our website. Whatever feelings arise, it's easy to understand why vintage clothing could have an affect on your emotions. For many of us, it triggers warm feelings and great memories.

Bonus: They're dope. Period.

Ok, so we named like 5.5 things. (Ye' Shrug) Whatever. Obviously, we could go on and on about all the reasons to invest in vintage wardrobe staples because we live and and breathe it every single day. We hope that by visiting our site, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for what it means to be a true connoisseur of vintage fashion, but most of all, what it means for us to be able to deliver amazing pieces to our customers.


Stay Cool.


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